Customizing Your GitHub

In this walkthrough, I’m going to show you how to customize your GitHub profile page. Making it unique and personal so you can showcase your skills to anyone who visits your profile.

First, we need to make a new repository under the name of your username and initialize it with a README file. This will give you a special repository and will be the first thing that gets display when visiting your profile.

The README is in Markdown and like most people, I have no idea how to write in Markdown. However, it’s super easy to learn and we can of course use HTML in the file!

You can checkout to learn the basic syntax for the language!

When opening the README, it give us a little template to follow.

Adding Icons

I got my images from Alexandre’s README is really great and you don’t have to deal with images being different sizes. All you have to do is find any icon you want to add, and copy the URL. And if you do not see an specific icon, you can of course checkout and create it! Like I mention before, we can write in HTML. So if you want to add an image that links to another website, we can of course use the a tag.

<a align='left' href='' alt='Joe C Gomez'>  <img src='' alt='LinkedIn' /></a>

Adding Latest Blog Posts

If you want to add your latest blog posts from Medium,, etc. then you want to checkout Gautam created a great workflow that helps you fetch your blogs.

  • 1st, we need to make a workflow.
  • 2nd, name the file “blog-post-workflow.yml”.
  • 3rd, copy the snippet from Gautam’s README
  • 4th, change the “feed_list” to the appropriate Feed URL.
  • 5th (Optional), change the time when the workflow going to run.
  • 6th, go back to your README and add this snippet.

That’s pretty much it, Thank you for reading! You can of course checkout my repo of this on my GitHub!


Find some time to do something! 🧠 Flatiron Alumni 🏛